Training at Spelsberg

Spelsberg has a long tradition of training the next generation of the workforce. Because all products are consistently developed and produced in Germany, we need qualified personnel who we preferably train ourselves. 

The offering in the commercial and industrial area is diverse and extends from the industrial clerk to the bachelor of engineering. In our company, we rely on training that heavily integrates new professionals into the operative business of the individual departments. In this manner, our trainees can benefit from the knowledge of Spelsberg employees. We actively promote the development of the next generation of the workforce. This includes purposeful individual measures for intensification of tendential areas of emphasis or courses in the training association. 

Training and studies can also be started at the same time at Spelsberg: we offer dual courses of study each training year in various combinations.

The outlook for new professionals at Spelsberg is good: The order books are full and development in installation technology entails increasing demands for special solutions and high-quality enclosures. Therefore, it is very likely that most trainees will be hired after a successful leaving examination.