Industrial quality

Industrial quality stands for products designed for special requirements and use in demanding environments. Such categories include installations in wet rooms and outdoors as well as on combustible surfaces or in locations that are subject to fire hazards. Enclosures used in such environments must all have one thing in common: Resilience, safety, ruggedness and longevity. Products with this symbol indicate at a glance boxes and enclosures for applications with particularly stringent requirements with respect to material that has been tested as flame resistant and self-extinguishing in accordance with VDE 0471/EN60695/UL94 and consequently offers added security. The Abox-i*, Abox-i SL, AK*, AKi, GTi, TK-PC, TG-PC, WKE and ZKi series, made from high-quality technical plastics, satisfy the strictest material requirements.

* Abox-i 060 or higher

* AK 14 or higher

Common features of all products featuring the IQ symbol:

  • Operating temperature from -35°C to 80°C
  • Resistant to petrol, petroleum, fats, diesel fuel, turpentine and, to a limited extent, acids and alcohol
  • Protection rating up to IP68
  • UV- and weather-resistant
  • Flame-resistant and self-extinguishing 960°C as per VDE 0471 / EN 60695 / UL94
  • Impact-resistant and shatterproof under mechanical stress up to IK09
  • Free of halogens, heavy metals, PVC and silicone