Master copy of inspection record

Extract from the determination of inspection intervals from the DGUV regulation 3 (formerly BGV A3):

Electrical systems and stationary equipment:

Inspection interval 4 years

Portable electrical equipment:

Guide value 6 months, 3 months on construction sites

Fault current, differential current and fault voltage circuit breakers:

6 months in stationary systems, every working day in non-stationary Systems

Acceptance by the end customer and handover of fully functional system

An acceptance procedure and handover to the end customer is carried out at the conclusion of the commissioning. The order is completed with the issue of the associated final documentation, test logs and handover reports.

It is advisable to generate a handover report and a test log. There is a template from the ZVEH available for this.

Inspection intervals

The operator shall ensure that the electrical system and equipment is checked to ensure that it is in a proper condition:

  1. Prior to initial commissioning and after any change or repair work, before the recommissioning by an electrician or under the guidance and supervision of an electrician.
  2. At defined intervals.
    The intervals are to be set such that defects that would normally be expected to arise are detected in good time.