Overview of the properties of materials used in the els installation systems

The materials used by Spelsberg were subjected to a weathering test according to DIN 53 387 (replaced by DIN EN ISO 4892-2), a 1000 hour test at the „State Examination Office“ in Dortmund. The materials used in the IQ products demonstrate optimum results here. The material also passed a test for UV resistance according to UL 746 C, without any limitations.


o = resistant
ø = partially resistant
x = not resistant   
MaterialUse in the products

Weak acids

Strong acids

Weak bases

Strong bases




Mineral oil


Ammonia, liquid

Ammonia, gaseous

Vegetable fats

Animal fats


Free of heavy metals,
PVC and silicone

Flammability acc. to
DIN EN 60695
(VDE 0471) / UL94

Polystyrene, shock-proofAK compact-system,
Abox, RK / RKA, TK-PS
oøoooxxoxon.a.oxyesyes650°C / HB
ABS (Acrylnitril-Brutadien-Styrol)TG-ABSoøoooxxooon.a.oxyesyes650°C / HB
Abox-i, STV/STG, AK, GTi-System, AKi, TK-PC, ZKi, ZVi, SVioxxxoøxoøxooøyesyes960°C/ V-2 (5VA*)
PolycarbonateTG-PC, AKoxxxoøxoøxooøyesyes960°C/ V-2 (5VA*)
Polycarbonate, transparentHinged lid AK smallscale distributor and STV, lid AKL, AKi, GTi, TK-PCoxxxøøxoøxoooyesyes850°C/ V-2
PolyethyleneAttachment bushes, twist nipple, Red Range (bottom section)oooooøxoxon.a.ooyesyes650°C / HB
PolypropyleneHW-series, KD-channelsockets, HPoooooøøoxon.a.ooneinyes960°C/ V-2 
Polypropylene copolymerIBT / IBTronic, Red Range (lid)oooooøøøøon.a.ooyesyes650°C / HB
PolyurethaneAll types with foamed lid sealøøøøøøøxøøoooyesyes650°C / ---
AluminiumAL, ALR, TK ALoøoooooooon.a.ooyesyes---
DuroplasticWK junction boxes, WKE fireproof junction boxesøøøøoooooon.a.ooyesyes960°C/ V-0
DuroplasticWK series integrated terminal block except for 4 mm²xxøxoooooon.a.ooyesyes960°C/ V-0
Polyamide 6, glass fibre-reinforcedScrew fittings to IP 68, Cover screwsxxooooøooooooyesyes750°C/ HB /V-2 
Thermoplastic elastomerDouble-membrane glands, inlet membranes (Abox 025 / 040, 2K-12)oøoøoøøøøøoooyesyes750°C/ HB

o = resistant  /  ø = partially resistant  /  x = not resistant

Material (TK-PC, TG-PC) has passed the flame test of UL 94 / UL 746C

When selecting the installation location, the climatic conditions and the occurrence of chemical influences should generally be examined in addition to the protection rating. Details of material properties and chemical resistance of the materials used can be referenced in the tables, though these are simply guide values.