Safety in the shopping centre

The robust WKE series of enclosures from Spelsberg is used to ensure safety of electrical circuits in the Essen shopping centre in case of fire.

“In an emergency situation, fire-protected electrical installation ensures that essential electrical systems, such as emergency lighting, ventilation systems, lifts and equipment for the rescue of human lives and firefighting remain available and function reliably,” said Thomas Decker, Managing Director of the installing company Elektro Decker GmbH. “We are committed to our customers and always provide reliable electrical services. In a large project, such as Limbecker Platz in Essen, we need high-quality products, which is why we rely on solutions from Spelsberg.”

The fire protection boxes of the WKE series of enclosures from Spelsberg guarantee reliable fire protection installation. In case of a fire, the products tested and certified by VDE and the Material Testing Institute (MPA) in accordance with DIN 4102 part 12 in connection with appropriately approved cables and installation systems ensure functional integrity of electrical systems for a period of up to 90 minutes. The boxes are made of extremely robust, halogen-free thermosetting plastic and prevent the penetration of foreign objects.