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  • With the new Rapid-box a simple and save installation is possible for the user. The Rapid-box was especially developed for rough environments, e.g. tunnel  and industrial plants.

    Provision for uncut cables up to 50 mm² Cu

    With the new Rapid-box a simple and save installation is possible for the user. The Rapid-box was especially developed for rough environments, e.g. tunnel and industrial plants.

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The housing for safely installing uncut tap conductors up to 50 mm²

Many miles of cables come together in tunnels, industrial premises and high-rise buildings. In such places, being able to install tap conductors easily and safely in order to supply power across long distances to devices such as socket outlets or lights makes a lot of economic sense. With the Rapid-Box from Spelsberg, you can now do just that both quickly and safely. 

Up to now, if you wanted to install tap cables in order to provide power for a wide range of applications, it meant a lot of effort – especially if regulations required additional components to be installed. The new Rapid-Box from Spelsberg can bring immediate benefits for such tasks in the form of significant savings on time and costs. The new housing system has been specially designed for the protected installation of uncut tap conductors up to 50 mm² (Cu).


  • Provision for uncut cables up to 50 mm² Cu, including retro installation Maintenance-free connection
  • Extremely sturdy and UV-resistant material
  • Installation with closed cover is possible using external mounting points
  • Main terminal can also be used as connector terminal for two cut cables
  • Permanently-attached cover
  • Variable cover mount options
  • Installation Options - Ceiling-, wall- or cable-tray mounted 
  • Suitable for use in potentially corrosive areas
  • „Low Smoke“ material
  • Europe-wide approved according to EN 61439 (combination switching device)
  • Europe-wide approved according to EN 1363, Germany according to DIN 4102-2 (fire-resistance test)

Highlights of the Rapid-Box

Maintenance-free contacting

with patented clamping technology

Uncut cables

up to 50 mm2

Quick assembly due

to external attachment

Protected junction

One-piece silicone gasket

Variable configuration

Enclosure cover and screws

permanently attached

Enclosure properties

· IK09 · UV-resistant · Low-Smoke properties · Protection class II · IP66/IP67

Connection terminals

  • Variable terminal configuration, 2 - 5 pole
  • Maintenance-free, elevated terminal block
  • Spring-loaded insulation nut for maintenance-free feed-through wiring
  • Spring-cage terminal for the junction
  • Terminal variants for Standard and Functional integrity


  • Connection to terminal fastening lug via cylinder head screw
  • Flexible cover configuration External attachment Cover hinge
  • Permanently-attached cover
  • Removable cover
  • Cover screw stop to ensure the required pressure of the seal is achieved

External earth

  • Each variant can be equipped with external earth by installation of a PE contact on the enclosure
  • Conducting connection between exterior and interior
  • Enclosure rating I
  • Earthing of all metallic parts within the enclosure by contacting with external PE contact
  • e.g. Hat-rail: Connection of the PE contact with LV by protective earth cable terminal
  • In the case of external earth, no protective earth contact is required in the terminal


Functional integrity

Assembly instructions

  • Installation Options - Ceiling-, wall- or cable-tray mounted
  • The Rapid-Box can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Simpler cable-fitting during installation
  • Offers cost-saving connection (15 min /socket)
  • Retro connection to existing cables with no cutting
Open the cover
Cable is laid loosely over the terminal
Now remove approx. 340 mm (13.5 inch) of the cable insulation.
After removing the insulation, bend the individual wires up and insert into the corresponding terminal apertures.
The copper conductor wire must be exposed at the corresponding contact points.
Screw the insulation nuts onto the terminal and tighten to the required torque.
Finally, push the protective caps onto the
insulation nuts to guarantee backhand safety.
Tighten the cover screws until the positioning
markings meet without gaps.
Installation of the Rapid-Box combination switching device is now complete.


Let us know if you have any further questions. Do not hesitate to contact us again if you require further assistance concerning the selection and configuration of the rapid-box. 
Please fill in the contact-form. 

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