Schaltanlagenbau für eine zuverlässige und flexible Energieversorgung, Schaltanlagen besonder geeignet für Industrieumgebungen mit hohem Feuchtigkeitsgrad

Solar power production on the roof

One of the three systems on the rooftops on the grounds of a municipal supply company on the lower Rhine produced around 115 kWp. The entire electrical installation of the system is accommodated under the roof. A supply cable is connected to each of the 15 inverters, providing the energy converted from DC to AC voltage to the distribution board built with GTi enclosures from Spelsberg.

Master Electrician Klaus Oehme relied on Spelsberg for the implementation of the systems: “In the field of photovoltaics, each box is unique. With the GTi system from Spelsberg, I can assemble the enclosures accordingly.” Oehme also relies on products from Spelsberg for other projects. Experience has shown him that the robust enclosure in industrial quality is more reliable and durable than cheap import goods.

The master electrician also appreciates the service with Spelsberg. He has been able to rely on the delivery schedule accuracy of the Sauerland company specifically at times when there is an absolute photovoltaics boom. “My contact partners at Spelsberg have always helped me find the right solution for my problems. With good contact partners and high flexibility there is no reason to consider a different product.”