Schaltanlagenbau für eine zuverlässige und flexible Energieversorgung, Schaltanlagen besonder geeignet für Industrieumgebungen mit hohem Feuchtigkeitsgrad

Switchgear construction in practice

Perfect harmonisation included

The blue shimmering surface on the rooftops in the eastern part of Brandenburg appear almost limitless. One photovoltaic module after the next. SRU Solar has assembled and installed a photovoltaic system on total of nearly 15,000 m² of rooftops with a rated output of almost 1,000 kWp.

Gordon Koch, of the Spelsberg field staff, and Harald Buschky, electrical engineer at SRU Solar stand before a PV distribution board from Spelsberg in one of the halls on the extensive grounds. They are discussing the correct installation of the system. With the variety of distribution boards from Spelsberg on the grounds, good coordination is especially important.

Thüringen-based SRU Solar AG also works together with Spelsberg on many other solar projects. “The price-performance ratio and cooperation from Spelsberg are always on the mark,” said Harald Buschky. The solar specialists are especially impressed with the personal contact with the Spelsberg sales staff: “We have always had a good understanding, even when there are supply bottlenecks, thanks to short routes and quick reactions.” The exchange of experience between the manufacturer and solar company has always delivered a perfect solution for complex requirements on the electrical installation of photovoltaic systems – for both DC and AC installation.