Packing service

Customise packing depending on the application

Off the rack solutions are not always the best. 

Sometimes a special combination of items is needed for later use. Sometimes special batch sizes that are not available in our product range are needed. Many customers want specially printed cartons, special dimensions or labels for better handling in the internal logistics. 

Whatever your request may be: We strive to make the work as simple as possible for you and do everything so that our enclosures can be used with as little effort as possible. 

For this reason, we offer a tailored packing service that provides everything from panel packing to special cartons, packaging units and labelling for your everyday work. 

Our logistics experts can work with you to define your requirements in detail as early as the tender phase of a project. 

The question of how you would like to use our products is always the central focus: 

Do you plan further assembly of the item?

Then we can deliver the item separately and loosely packed. Elaborate packing can be omitted and further processing can begin immediately.

Would you like to retail a ready-to-install part?

We handling the branding of the labels according to your requests and pack the items in your own cartons. You save on process costs and can concentrate fully on your core business. 

Logistics according to your requests!

We know your business and know how important it can be for you to receive our products exactly according to your specifications. Contact us so we can make your work easier. Typical customer requests in this area:

  • The cover and bottom part delivered separately
  • Carton material only included with delivery
  • Different delivery addresses for semi-finished parts
  • Packing third-party cartons or containers