Verbaute Elektronik in Ortbeton von Spelsberg, Unterputzdosen für Ortbeton

Spelsberg: Solutions for concrete construction

Concrete is fundamental for many construction projects. Whether for functional or residential construction – the efficiency of concrete construction is highly regarded in both areas. The use of concrete is advantages based on the short construction time and high degree of pre-fabrication.

In comparison with other construction methods, however, an especially well-planned and skilful electrical installation are especially important.

Clever solutions from Spelsberg

This is precisely what the solutions for concrete construction from Spelsberg offer. They are suitable for installation in in-place concrete and prefabricated elements.

Switch and connector sockets, light concrete boxes, installation boxes, universal luminaire housings and wall and ceiling transitions for IBT systems from Spelsberg can be easily installed on the formwork before the actual concrete process and then cast in place.
The especially high stability and strength of the IBT products protects the interior from the concrete and guarantees high positional stability.

Spelsberg developed its IBTronic system for integration of halogen or LED luminaires, speakers and high-quality electronics, such as KNX components or transformers conveniently and comfortable in concrete ceilings. With the patented support spar technique, the housing can be installed equally safely in horizontal or vertical formwork.
This and other technologies for concrete construction assure versatile and stable solutions for electrical installation in the widest variety of buildings and structures.


  • Henninger Tower Frankfurt
  • RWE-Tower Dortmund
  • Limbecker Platz Essen
  • Quartier Belvedere Vienna
  • ÖBB-Tower
  • Vienna Twin Tower
  • JVA Billwerder Hamburg