3D product development

Reduce costly development time with 3D technology

Reduce costly development time with 3D technology

The desire to shorten development time of new products was the motivating factor behind Spelsberg's initial investment in a 3D printer in 2008. The printer works according to the Polyjet process and has been an invaluable tool for prototype construction, in particular. 

The basis of the part production is the digital drawing from which the printer can directly apply data. It works by applying extremely thin layers of photocurable plastic in succession until the component is produced in the desired dimensions. Like the later serial product, the component can be adhered, printed or metallised with aluminium, which means it can be used for functional tests and is not just an illustrative example. 

With this early testing, the potential need for changes is recognised immediately. This enables reaction and adjustment for a quicker path to success. 

Close-to-production prototype

We create close-to-production prototypes from our large assortment of sample parts. These are samples that have the same or similar material properties as your desired product. This makes it possible to carry out testing, such as IK testing, applying milling elements for the desired processing or implementing other processing and tests in regard to the characteristics.

Electrotechnical prototype

If desired, we can also provide you with a functional sample during the development phase. Our electrically trained employees produce samples according to your wishes. For this purpose, we find a suitable product from our assortment and assemble it immediately. You can get an impression based on this sample and we can easily incorporate your change requests thanks to agile project planning. Sampling also makes strength tests are possible at an early point in the project development. You gain an impression of the feasibility and the finished product. As a result, your development with us starts off in the right directly and you save time and costs as a result.