Digital printing

For years, pad printing or engraving were preferred processes for the labelling of enclosures. However, as the details to be portrayed become finer, these methods become more difficult to apply. These time-tested approaches also have limitations when it comes to colours. 

For these reasons, we have offered our customers the possibility of digital printing in recent years in order to apply more complex labelling or designs on our enclosures. 

There are no limitations from a design perspective in terms of what is possible with conventional four-colour printing: 

expressive designs, a wide spectrum of colours, colour gradients and even image printing. A simple, nondescript standard enclosure transforms into an original striking unique item. 

Our clients often request printed, elaborate explanations for connections or components to be assembled. Many of our customers use digital printing so that they can apply their corporate design here. Printing that matches the later application environment – such as photos of a beach and waves for use in swimming pools – are also feasible. No matter how extravagant your ideas are, we have the technically capability and capacity for implementation. 

  • Maximum print layout 300mm*420mm 
  • Multi-colour printing 
  • well-suited for small series or samples
  • Colour gradients are possible