Testing in accordance with VDE and UL is carried out in our in-house testing laboratory

Quick and efficient

Spelsberg operates an in-house test laboratory at its headquarters in Schalksm├╝hle for certification purposes. The laboratory and devices are not just VDE-certified, they are also UL-certified, thus enabling all of the necessary inspections for the international use of series products and special solutions to be conducted in-house. This possibility is especially important when developing tailor-made solutions together with our partners. The aim here is to help our customers get their products to market readiness as rapidly as possible. The test laboratory is equipped to state-of-the-art standards and is subject to ongoing further development. UL and VDE conduct an annual audit as part of the Client Test Data Program to assure that work continues to be carried out at a consistently high standard.

UL testing by Spelsberg

The Spelsberg Schalksm├╝hle factory is capable of independently carrying out UL (Underwriters Laboratories) testing for certification for customers in the USA and Canada as well as demanding European customers.

The UL testing (or CUL testing for Canada) is demanding material testing recognised worldwide in which one or multiple properties of a specific property, service or procedure is determined. This takes place in conformity with specific methods or technical requirements. For instance, components for industrial control units are tested for water protection and impact strength. Due to its major importance for the North American markets, UL certification is also gaining increasing importance in the German market. Most manufacturers rely on an independent authority for certification of products in accordance with UL. This can entail a considerable delay in the development and production process.

The laboratory and testing devices are subject to an annual system audit to check for compliance with the required conditions and the functionality of the devices. Therefore, adherence to all specifications of the testing can be assured in the long term.

Testing and certifying at Spelsberg

VDE testing by Spelsberg

Our in-house testing laboratory certified according to DIN EN 60670-1, 60670-22, 60529 & UL provides the following VDE verifications for our products:

  • Verification of mechanical assembly
  • Verification of resistance to penetration of solid foreign objects
  • Verification of resistance to harmful penetration of water
  • Verification of strength of materials and parts
  • Verification of heat resistance
  • Verification of the resistance of plastics to excessive heat and fire
  • Verification of electrical resistance
  • Verification of protection against electric shock
  • Verification of voltage resistance
  • Verification of clearances, creepage distances and gaps with sealing compound

Cover tensile testing

In order to provide verification that DIN EN 60670-1 covers are not removable, increasing vertical forces are applied in the centre of the cover for one minute.

Verification that DIN EN 60670-1 covers can be removed must also be provided. In the process, increasing forces are applied ten times on the device for removal of the cover. The test specimen must not show any signs of damage.