That is the guiding principle that we put into practice on all levels of our activities.

Our end customers benefit from safe products that keep their promises. All process steps from consultation and quote preparation to delivery and service guarantee that our partners feel like they're in good hands with us.

In the process, we keep everyone in mind: the assembler who installs our products quickly and easily and our partners in retail, for whom ordering and stocking of products are made easy with modular designs and accompanying accessories. Spelsberg keeps all core products in stock and despatches them within 24 hours. Thanks to our high-performance production, we can re-stock our warehouses within 24 hours. Our adherence to schedules, testing of assured characteristics in our in-house laboratory and an extremely fast initial sampling process within 48 hours gives planners, dealers and installers reassurance.

Our Mission - Your relief

Simply making day-to-day work easier for our customers is the beginning of our mission. We don't get cross-eyed over responsibilities and department boundaries – everyone at Spelsberg takes responsibility and is committed to this goal so that everything ultimately fits together and creative solutions can be found.

Inspire at all levels

The enthusiasm at Spelsberg is tangible on all levels. A committed, curious team willingly accepts the challenge of complex problems. Short channels, flat hierarchies and quick decision-making make the problem-solving process fun and lead to success. Teamwork is a top priority. Most Spelsberg employees have been with the company for several years, know their colleagues well and can resolve numerous questions through official channels. This reduces the time to market for new Spelsberg products and brings quick results to the highest technical level for individual questions.  
We are not satisfied with just being good – we want to remain at the vanguard and find new, innovative solutions. This passion is infectious. Our passion is also perceptible to our customers – and therein lies our vision.

Green in every way

Green is not only the colour of our logo – here at Spelsberg, green also stands for sustainability and sparing resources. For years, we have dispensed with harmful substances in our products, are among the first manufacturers to develop solutions specifically for sustainable energies and have always kept effects on the environment in mind, which is documented in the certification of the DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management system. The well-being of our employees is also very important to us. All workstations are ergonomically equipped and anywhere that noise, dust or dirt is prevalent, we take every precaution to avoid endangering the health of our Spelsberg employees and design their work to be as pleasant as possible. 
We also assume responsibility here and are always looking for new, better materials, processes and methods for the benefit of our employees and customers in equal measure.