In den Betonwänden des Limbecker Platz in Essen sind Geräte- und Deckendosen, Verbindungskästen von Spelsberg verbaut

IBT products in practice

Safe electrical installation for "Limbecker Platz" shopping centre in Essen

The “Limbecker Platz” shopping centre in Essen is one of the largest inner-city malls in Germany with an area of 70,000 square metres and an overall investment of around 300 million euro. Concealed within its concrete walls and ceilings are the products of Spelsberg, which provide the perfect framework for electrical installation

The IBT series developed especially for concrete construction enables optimal installation of high-quality technology in cast-in-place concrete and prefabricated elements. Connector and ceiling sockets, junction boxes and other installation devices must be fastened on the formwork before the actual concrete process and then cast in place. The patented sealing principle – a membrane surrounds the incoming pipe – guarantees tension relief and a tight seal of components with the IBT connection sockets and boxes. With the patented support spar technique, the housing can also be installed equally safely in horizontal or vertical formwork. The spars hold the socket in the correct position during the pouring process – even under extreme pressure from the concrete.
Therefore, the concrete solutions from Spelsberg guarantee use of high-quality electrical devices in open spaces, corridors and more than 200 shops.