Tool design

Outstanding quality thanks to great employees

If you want to supply outstanding quality, you can't skimp on the ingredients. Spelsberg therefore leaves nothing to chance. We use qualified employees in all steps of the process chain. Whether it applies to tool design or tool construction – qualified experts who are capable of developing their own ideas and efficiently implement them are up to the task. This saves time and assures the usual high quality. 

At the production locations in Schalksmühle and Buttstädt, we only use the state-of-the-art, capable machining centres and machines. New processes such as the two-component injection mould are also used here in addition to foamed thermoplastic moulding.

Outstanding quality thanks to great employees

The entire customising process from the idea to the certified serial model runs through the main Spelsberg factory in Schalksmühle. In this manner, collaboration between the individual experts and departments is greatly simplified. This enables perfect intermeshing of the individual work steps like gears in a motor. This assures the best results in the shortest time. 

At the beginning of each project, the developers and customers sit down at a table to precisely define all requirements for the solution to be developed and then create an initial three-dimensional CAD model. The foundation for success is only established once all details have been worked out from the initial development stage onwards, wherein a refined product is the end result.