Laser marking

The first impression says a great deal about the value of a product. This also includes the optimal marking of a high-quality enclosure. 

In addition to conventional engraving and printing processes, Spelsberg also offers laser marking. 

A key advantage for customers is that laser marking is permanent. Unlike printing and stickers, it cannot be removed. Therefore, it offers a high measures of security against forgery and remains intact even in aggressive environments and over long periods of use

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Clean cut edges and precise details
  • Short processing times

Your benefits at a glance

  • Permanent enclosure labelling and identification
  • From simple logos and product identification to instructions, circuit and assembly diagrams or complete motherboard/main board labelling
  • Labelling of enclosure areas that are difficult to access, such as bases
  • Extremely efficient process, even for small series and prototypes
  • Customised character content is possible, such as text, graphics, bar codes, data matrix codes and QR codes - our graphic designers can optionally create the layout and finalization of the laser marking process
  • Short processing, reaction and delivery times
  • Intelligent printing: serial numbers, bar codes, production date and much more are possible

About laser marking

Laser marking has been a preferred method at Spelsberg in recent years. With laser engraving, a laser beam creates a mark by evaporating or melting the material without coming into contact with it. In this manner, text or images can be engraved in plastic components with the same precision and durability. The mechanical and chemical properties of the workpiece are not changed in the process. The entire process is implemented without chemicals and no preparatory or follow-up treatment is required. The result is high contrast in only a single work step. Because the light does not apply any pressure on the product to be labelled, it does not have to be clamped for the labelling – which means the process is gentler on the workpiece and cycle times are faster. Laser marking is permanently visible on the surface, cannot be wiped off and is resistant to external influences.