Hot embossing

The first impressive often determines how the quality of a product is perceived. The finest enclosure can seem cheap with a poor printing application. For this reason, we at Spelsberg are always very careful when deciding which method to apply markings on our products and always look for the process that is the best choice in terms of function and appearance. 

Many of our customers have us develop solutions that are later mounted visibly in audience areas, such as railway platforms or charging stations for electric vehicles. In these cases, the printing must never appear unusual – everything must look as though it is a single piece and follow the product design.  

For this purpose, we have added hot embossing to our service offering as an especially high-quality possibility for printing and marking. 

About Hot Embossing

This technology bonds a razor-thin film with a silicone stamp with the enclosure using a combination of pressure and temperature for result that is equal parts attractive and durable. 

A wide variety of films, like those used in the furniture and automotive industries are available, so the perfect design can be easily found for every application. Colour pigments, metals and even paint can be used to produce drastically different surface effects. Films metallised with chromium, for instance, provide a sporty metallic look that is well-suited for automotive applications. 

However, because a new embossing stamp must be produced for each motif, hot embossing drives up unit costs for smaller batches.


  • Normally monochromatic (depending on the film) 
  • Variable print layout based on the respective embossing tool
  • Smear-proof 
  • Scratch-proof
  • Can be implemented with a variety of surfaces and effects from high-gloss to metallic