Spelsberger Verteilerkästen kommen auch auf hoher See zurecht, Platzsparende Verbindungsdosen und Kleinverteiler für feuchte Umgebungen auf dem Schiff.

On the high seas

Aboard the yacht Sirius 35 DS, durable distribution boards and junction boxes assure reliable power connection

The while sails can be seen at a distance as it glides elegantly through the water – the Sirius 35 DS. The compact yacht offers everything the sailor desires. Every owner can customize their Sirius 35 DS to suit their needs. The boat builders of the Sirius shipyard in Plön factored in the ideas and experiences of their customers in the development process. The result was a versatile 11-meter yacht with effective use of space and flexible design possibilities. It is no wonder, then that the distribution boards and junction boxes from Spelsberg are used in the customised boats from the Plön-based manufacturer.

The electrical installation products from Spelsberg perfectly match the circumstances and fit effortlessly in the compact hull of the yacht. They are mostly incorporated in the mini-workshop under the salon. The owner has access to the boat's entire electrical system from the seat. They can even carry out repairs with a workbench with a mini vice.
The small distribution boards of the AKi series from Spelsberg are accommodated in the small chamber.  The Aki identified with “land connection” distributes the electrical energy taken externally from a landing stage. The adjacent inverter connection distributes power from the on-board battery. Therefore, sailors can be provided with a safe, reliable power supply – in the harbour and at sea.

The Abox-i junction boxes and small distribution boards from the AKi series were chosen for their compact design and high flexibility, as well as the robustness of the products in industrial quality. The distribution boards and junction boxes from Spelsberg developed specially for use in harsh conditions are distinguished by excellent material properties, tested safety and optimal function and durability under extreme conditions. Glass-fibre reinforced polycarbonate assures higher resilience. Therefore, the distribution boards and junction boxes reliably protect sensitive electronics from moisture, cold, heat, UV radiation, oil, grease and impact – even on rough seas outside of Sweden, Norway or Denmark.