In Großbauten sichern Spelsberg Verteilerdosen die Versorgung mit Strom, Abox gehäuse im Berliner Hauptbahnhof, schnelle Verdrahtung mit der Abox, sichere Elekroinstallation mit der Spelsberg WK-Reihe

Versatile solutions

Safety in Berlin Central Station

Berlin Central Station is the largest and most modern junction station in Europe. Thousands of people arrive, depart and transfer here or visit the numerous shops in the building.

High-quality electrical installation is required in order to ensure that processes proceed reliably in the train station constructed in 2006. Therefore, the Abox and WK junction boxes from Spelsberg are used in the impressive glass building. The Abox series is distinguished by its raised terminal. This facilitates wiring of the junction boxes quickly and clearly arranged. Abox enclosures are used for identification of current circuits of the safety lighting in the Berlin central station. Installation took place on a cable tray system.